Friday, October 27, 2006

The Toddler got a big girl bedroom suit. So we highjacked it. I suits us much better than it suits here anyway. Mum thinks it is cute so we get away with it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It is nearly Halloween

I have been practicing like crazy and have finally decided what to do to get maximum treats.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Applying for a new passport

As Mum and Dad are going back to South Africa sometime next year I had to apply for citizenship this week. If Mum wants to show me over there I need to be registered with the South African Cat Council. Mum and I worked in the morning getting all of my papers together. I kept a keen eye on what she was doing as you dont know what mistakes beans can make. I needed to make sure that everything was in order.

Mum says that when it happens - which wont be for a while - all of us will go on the same plane. My brother Nero willt ell all bout this on his own blog closer to the time

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Do you like hanging around

One could say that I am a hanging around kind of guy. I just like hanigng out enjoying the view. When you hang you can let every bone in your body relax and you and can just chill.

See if you can find a effective color scheme to hang on.

Sometimes it is nice to hang and watch the guys under you

Uncle Stafka can hang really well

Monday, October 16, 2006

They dont feed me.

Now that my gums get sore I dont get soft food much anymore and they clean my teeth every day. Well I have found one way of getting Mum to feed me. She cant resist it.

First I go to the cupboard and open the paperplates.

Then I get one to the floor

Then I sits and looks starving.

It works every time

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cats eyes!

My Mum always says that we are the United Nation of cat's eyes. We ahve got so many different colors in this house.

Josephine and Queenie both have blue eyes but their eyes are different.

Here is Queenie

Josephine has darker eyes.

Stafka has Russian Green eyes

Uncle Nero has green eyes

My eyes are very Orange and I always look surprised.

How many eye colors have you got in your house?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mum and the thing that goes flash

Does your Mum have one of those things too. It drives me amd. She is always dragging it out to get pictures. We never have one day when it doesn't come out. Then flash click and mum goes off all happy and sits at the computer for ages and ages. It just isn't right you know. Then I have to go around for a while with a big orange circle in front of my face.

Of course I always pose though ;-)

Do you like the thing that goes flash.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sometimes no one will play with me

Some days I really really want to play and even Stafka just ignores me. Mum says that it is
because I am young and full of energy. I think that the others are all full of nonsense and dont understand that it is always the right time to play. Do you have that problem?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our Texas cousins got their own blog

Welcome to Miko, Ming, Woodstock and Arrie.


We got a new cousin

Meet Arrie. Our Auntie Jane went to a party at the Siamese Rescue and came home with Arrie. Arrie is nearly 15 and had to be given up by her owner. She has not been very well and needed to go to a special place so that her last years can been really good ones and she can get the right care. Auntie Siri runs the Rescue and she knew that Uncle Jim and Auntie Jane were just the special people that Arrie needed.

At the moment Arrie is living in the guest room but soon she will get to meet our other cousins Woodstock, Miko and Ming. Ming also went to live with Uncle Jim and Auntie Jane when she was very sick at the Rescue.

Mummy always says that the world needs more people like Uncle Jim and Auntie Jane.

Nero will tell you about Cousin Woodstock in his blog today.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Nero went and got a blog!

I think it was after he saw all the nice black cats on this site.

This weekend

We had such a nice weekend and Jo actually allowed me to play with her. Normally it is just Stafka and I that play together.

Even Stafka and Queenie played together but she gets cross too quickly and then they end up arguing. Mum took pictures of the two of them and I have put them here.

Mum says that this morning she is going to tidy up and then she is going to spend some time with us and let us play with the catnip. I love that and I drool all over the carpet.

The Toddler is very quiet today and I hope she stays that way.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Josephine is fine!

Mum just told us that Jo is going to be fine and that all her tests were negative. How can negative be good?

I had lots of fun today. I decided that the duster must die so I killed it. I wrestled it to the ground and then I bit it. It was so frightened that it gave in really easily. It has more fur than me and I did not think that it should be allowed to live here.

Nero and Stafka looked at me as though I had gone mad but they just didn't realize how much damage that duster could do if it got out of control one day. I know that mum thinks I make a mess in the house and she uses that duster to clean up and I dont need her thinking that anyone is more useful than me.

After I had killed the duster four of us went and slept on the bathroom seat and watched the Duck Channel on TV. If that seat collapses it will all be Nero's fault as he is really big.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mum and Josephine are back from the vet

Mum seems a bit better today and now says that she understands more about heartworm.

She says that this Florida place that we live in has lots of heartworm and the Dr G says that she cant get over how many heartworm positive cats that she sees. From now on I am going to have something called Revolution put on me every month. UGH Dr G says that there are lots of mozzies and they can get infected and the rate is rising. I think Dr G must know a lot.

Mum is happy that Jo's X-Rays are fine and there is no problem with her heart or lungs. Dr G also took blood and they are going to test it to see if Jo is infected.

They know that she has been bitten by an infected mozzie and now they need to see if she is infected. All of us also need to be tested too.

This Heartworm thing can be very dangerous because when the worm dies it travels to the lungs and can cause bad breathing problems. This is very dangerous for the kitty involved.

I am so upset with this. Mum says that she is upset that she did not put Revolution on us every month. Dr G that people dont usually get tests done and that is why they never know about it.

Jo says that she was very good and behaved really well. She sat really still for her X-Rays and her blood work.

Dr G is going on holiday now and Mum says that we are not allowed to get sick until she gets back. We hope she has a nice time.

Now when will it be ok for me to tease Jo again. I know that I fight with her but I love her lots too.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mum and Dad came home early.

Mum told us that they had a good time but The Toddler had run a fever and had not had much sleep. The Toddler came home with a new Marie toy and was happy when she got here.

Now they have given us a hard time. Mum was very upset because the vet had phoned to say that Jo has tested positive for heartworm and now she is worried that Jo is sick. She says that she doesn't understand it becuase we all live inside and we all get Revolution every two months. Jo has to go to the doctor on Friday for another test to see if the first one was right. Jo seems fine to me. She still smacks me and eats my food.

Today Mum and Dad went on an animal irritation spree. They put Revolution on us and they cleaned my teeth AGAIN. Then I looked through the window and they were brushing the dogs so I laughed and laughed. Then I laughed more when they put Frontline on the dogs and cleaned their teeth.

It was nice that they came home early. The Petsitter caught me smacking Jo and told mum about it so now I am in trouble. I thought that she would be nice about it and not tell. I was really hungry and I wanted some of Jo's food so I growled at her and smacked her but this time I got caught. I have to be nice for a few days. Now she might be sick I am going to have to be super nice to her and I dont know if I can do that.

I am off to play now maybe Uncle Nero will join in.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Off to Disney.

They think they are going to Disney. Ha Ha Ha. This case has The Toddler's diapers in it and they can't go anywhere without those.

The second plan of attack is that the rest of the fmaily is hiding inside so if they try to leave we will go with. I have always wanted to meet Marie. That cat is one real looker.