Saturday, September 30, 2006

The house is busy today

Mum and Dad have been busy cleaning up and I heard them tell The Toddler that they are going to Disney tomorrow. That is cool by me as it means that we get Melissa to come and visit. Melissa is our pet sitter and she loves us lots. Don't get me wrong we miss Mum and Dad but Melissa really spoils us. She also spoils the Dawgies and I dont understand that!

I heard Mum say that she is going to have to lock the puter so that I wont use it till she is back . this means that I wont be able to blog for 4 days.

Mum said that I must tell everyone that we have another site which is an internet Cat Club and it is a really fun place to hang out. There are lots of different types of cats there and even some humans that keep cats that have babies. We have fun theme days and competitions and we would like it if you dropped by to say hi. Kaze and Chaos are also there. You can find us at

I know that we are going to get spoiled tonight with Mum and Dad going away so I am going to sit by the refrigerator now.

PS ther pictures today are of us watching the Duck channel on TV

Friday, September 29, 2006

Our Big Adventure.

This morning Mum got us all up early and put us in our cat boxes. Jo and Stafka shared one so there were only 4. I think poor Stafka was scared to breath being stuck in there with Jo for so long. We all went off to the vet. The others had to get their injections and their check ups but I just went to get my teeth checked out.

Turns out that my gums have responded well to the treatment and now I have to get medicine every month to keep them healthy. Now I have no trouble chewing my hard food.

Mum says that everyone got a clean bill of health Why does clean health get called a bill? Jo needs to have a dental but it is not urgent. Even Nero has stayed at the same weight. All 16 lbs of it! Mum was worried that Stafka might be too thin but Dr G said that he is fine.

Dr G is a really cool doctor. She is younger than Mummy but dont tell Mummy that I said that. We had to take The Toddler with us but she stayed with Jamie in reception. We could hear her yelling though and poor Jamie is probably going to need a holiday to get over our visit.

Mum says that she is very pleased with us because we behaved so well. Even Queenie did not scratch anyone this visit. Stafka loves everyone so he just purred and purred. Now we are going to get some nice ham as a treat. Nero doesn't eat ham but I was take his.

This afternoon the dogs are going and I bet they dont behave as well as we did. Now I am off for my rest

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life in a multi-feline household

First of all I want to thank everyone who came to say hi on the blog. I am trying to get to everyone's blogs but my claws keep tapping the wrong keys. This is great place.

There are quite a few of us living in this home and there were lots of rules when I got home. Turns out I am at the bottom of the food chain and the girls, especially Jo, always remind me of this. What they don't realize is that when I get big I am going to be bigger than all of them and then they had better watch out. I wont be at the bottom for ever.

The order in the house is very important to some. Nero is the big boss and he controls everything. He plays a bit and and he likes getting high on nip but he doesn't go mad and run around like Stafka and I do. He has status issues though and I think he might need counselling. Sometimes he pees on stuff to show that it is his. It is all his but sometimes he forgets. He sprayed on Mum once and she got really angry.

Jo comes second and then Queenie. Stafka doesn't care much for this status thing as long as he can play. He doesn't listen to rules and sometimes the girls smack him hard.

We all sleep in Mum and Dad's room at night and Nero and Stafka sleep on the bed. Jo is the only one who is allowed under the covers but I don't mind because I get too hot down there anyway. In the day Nero will sniggle with one of the girls but because they dont like each other anymore they never share. Stafka told me that both girls used to snuggle Nero together but then they got selfish.

We have got lots and lots of beds and nice window seats and we watch the ducks out of the window. It is kitty TV. Mum gives the ducks bread so that they will sit and entertain us. It is really cool having live entertainment. Nero doesn't do the window thing much. He prefers watching proper TV and Mum lets him watch the Petsitter DVD a lot. He is quite lazy but dont tell him that I said that.

Last week we got a new gym when Mum went shopping so we now have that to play on as well. Auntie Rhonda also has one for Junior.

so we are one big and most of the time happy family. It is only the girls who argue and the rest of us boys just get on with life.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When I was little

I was born in November last year. My Cat Mummy is really pretty and my Cat Dad is a National Winner. I was the biggest kitten in the litter and I was very active. Then when I was 6 weeks old I ate a bug and I got really sick. My first Mum took me to the vet and he told her that I would probably not make it but she refused to give up on me and she fed me every two hours and she gave me special formula to make me strong. Slowly I got better and at 12 weeks I was ready to go to my new home.

The new home is very different to where I was born. We have a very noisy toddler and her and I are very good friends. I follow her every where. Humans are so interesting. She has lots of nice toys so we share.

Mum says that a lot of people think that you cant have cats and babies together but that is just an old wives tail - what is a wive? The other cats say that they were allowed to sleep with the baby from when she was 3 months and we all get to nap with her in the day. It is sad that so many other cats loose their homes when babies come along.

As you can see I made myself at home when I got to the new house. I took over a few beds and I slept a lot. There is so much playing to do that I get tired quickly.

My name is Stonehaven Sir Sidney Spencer but you may call me Sir Sidney or His Lordship. I am a 10 month old British Shorthair and I live with my Mum and Dad and a whole zoo in Florida. I decided to write this blog about our everyday life and the happenings with all of us felines in the house.

I was born a little north of where I live now and I came to my new home at the age of 3 months. Next year Mum and Dad will go back to South Africa and I will go with them. All of the other animals in this house came with them when they moved here a while back. Mum says that I will be a show cat at home. Whats that?

I want to introduce you to my friends in the house.

Tiamos Emperor Nero

This is Tiamo's Emperor Nero is a black Oriental and he is the boss. He is the oldest and he keeps everyone under control. The two girls love him and he gets on with everyone. He cleans my ears when they get dirty. He also has a funny habit of sucking his tail when he goes to sleep. He never ever became a show cat because he became too portly - that is what Mum says. What's portly?

Taldi Josephine

Josephine thinks she is the bee's knees. Jo is a chocolatepoint Siamese. She never plays if anyone is watching but I have caught her out when she thinks she is alone. She has never spoken to me since I came home. Nero says that she is a Supreme Champion and that is why she has an attitude. She is 4 and she comes from a place in South Africa. She has very long legs and if she looks at me I get scared. I try to chase her a bit but she growls. She has a very big mouth and shouts loudly.

Taldi Queen of Sheagogg

Queenie is Jo's half sister and she is nice. She is a lilacpoint Siamese. She will let me play with her and she sleeps with me under the lights in the bathroom. She is younger than Jo and she is a Champion but she never became snooty. She eats nearly as much as I do but she is still so skinny. She plays a lot and she loves Daddy the most. He thinks she is very special.

Warwick Russka Stafka

Stafka is my big friend. He is blue like me but he is skinny. Him and I play all the time. He has a long name and is also a Supreme Champion. Mum says he is a Russian Blue. His parents are from Australia but he was born in South Africa. He has big donkey ears and he runs around a lot. Stafka is a really coold dude and he enjoys a lot of nip. We get up to all sorts of trouble together. I wish I could walk up high like him. He walks on the top of the walls and he never falls.

We also have two dogs and toddler in the house but I will get to them later.

This is our introduction but I suppose I should tell you why I am blogging. A lot of my friends have blogs and I was feeling quite left out. I also want to give Mum a diary of events that happen so that she can use it as my baby album.